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South east Moravia

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Zlínsko is located in south-east part of the Czech Republic between fertile basin of river Morava in the west and Hostýnské and Vizovické hills in the north. Nearly one half of region Zlín is south-east part of CHKO (protected landscape area) Bílé Karpaty, where we can find romantic natural parts with original forest plants, precious animals and flowers. The region offers a wide range of religious sights and historically important buildings to lovers of history. You can also visit castle in Malenovice, chateau Lešná in the middle of ZOO or pilgrimage place in Štípa. You can admire natural beauties in CHKO Bílé Karpaty as well.

Zlínsko - it means healing springs in Luhačovice, fertile flat area in the basin of river Morava, smell of plum brandy in Vizovice and of course the city of Zlín which is naturally connected with businessman Tomáš Baťa. One of the most popular places is a museum of shoes, which is the symbol of history and present of the city. Film studios are culturally very interesting, Hermína Týrlová and Karel Zeman worked in these studios. You can find accommodation in good-quality hotels, apartments, guest houses, wine cellars and camps. Read more in sections Last minute and Recommendations!!

Zlína town of Tomáš Baťa, it is a town of shoes, parks and sports. It is a centre of east Moravia and a centre of Zlín district. Zlín is situated in the valley of river Dřevnice between Hostýnské and Vizovické hills and there are about 80 thousand inhabitants and it is a centre of industrial-business region. There are a number of natural places of interest in the surrounding such as Želechovické glades. You should visit Malenovický castle and Zlínský chateau, which serve as museums today. Zlín is famous thanks to its interwar functionalist architecture – skyscraper, House of Art or Large cinema. There is rich cultural life in Zlín. There are several museums, theatres, philharmonic and galleries, international festivals take place here and other cultural, social and sports events. You can find here several long-distanced cycle paths and paths for hikers.

You should also visit: Otrokovice, Valašské Klobouky and Vizovice, horse-breeding farm Napajedla, ZOO Lešná, Svatý Hostýn, Pilgrimage place Štípa, chateau in Zlín, chateau Klečůvka, and others

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