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Moravian Slovacko


South and south-east Moravia

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Moravian Slovácko is situated at the border between Moravia and Slovakia. This region is attractive for its specific dialects, folk habits, folk costumes and other typical folk traditions. There is lowland of Dolnomoravksý ravine south and south west from Napajedelská gate. In this lovely valley there is river Morava, along which we can find riparian forests. Chřiby are situated west from Dolnomoravský ravine. CHKO (Protected landscape area) Bílé Karpaty, at the border with Slovakia, was declared UNESCO heritage in 1996. On the local sunny hills there are a lot of fruits, vegetable and mainly grapevine. Slovácko – it means beautiful music, folk costumes, crafts, traditions preserved for centuries, folk architecture, and rides of the kings, Slovácké feasts, wine degustation, and picturesque cellar lanes in Pavlov, Vlčnov and Mařatice. Slovácko – it is a beauty of Pálava, Chřiby, Bílé Karpaty. There are chateaus in Lednice, Mikulov, Milotice, Buchlovice and Bojkovice, forts of castles Buchlov and Malenovice; other interesting places are Staré Město, Mikulčice, Pohansko, pilgrimage places Velehrad, Žarošice or Svatý kopeček (Saint hill) at Mikulov. International folk festival takes place in Strážnice and festival Slovácký rok in Kyjov. It is a region of vineyards and wine. Nearly in each village, you will find vineyards, wine cellars and you can enjoy wine degustation and wine feasts. There are four wine subregions of Moravia and in Slovácko you will find three of them – Mikulovská, Velkopavlovická and Slovácká. There are several long distanced cycle paths – Greenways from Wien to Prague, Moravian path from Olomouc to Lednicko-Valtický premises along Morava, path from Wien to Brno and Moravian wine path, which connects all wine paths in south Moravia.

Pálava, Lednicko-Valtický premises, Bílé Karpaty and Chřiby are among most popular areas for hiking in Slovácko. There are plenty of marked paths with 20 educational paths. Lovers of boating will enjoy Baťa Canal, which is 50 km long and offers an attractive way to explore Slovácko. Lovers of swimming and bathing can enjoy lake in Ostrožská Nová Ves, dam in Buchlice – Smraďavec, Lučina, Osvětimany, Novomlýnská dam, dam in Ordějov, Bojkovice, recreational resort Pahrbek in Napajedla, resort Štěrkoviště in Otrokovice, Pozlovická dam at Luhačovice and Mlýnský pond at Lednice.

Ski resorts offer many possibilities of winter sports. In resort Lopeník - Mikulčin vrch, there are three ski slopes and a ski lift and 5-km-long cross-country skiing circuit. Ridge route of Bílé Karpaty connects Lopeník and Velká Javořiná, where there are three good-quality ski slopes with ski lift. In Bílé Karpaty you will find good skiing conditions in ski resort Stráň and Nezdenice where there is a ski slope with artificial snow and it is lit; you will find the same conditions in Chřiby and Stupava. Lovers of skiing will also like it in the valley of Ždánický forest in Uhřice. If the weather is really bad, you can always visit a ski slope with artificial cover in Uherské Hradiště – Jarošov or in Zlín. Accommodation here is very diverse – wine cellars, apartments, guest houses hotels, cottages and camps; you will love degustation of wine, cheese and smoked meat. Read more in sections Last minute and Recommendations!

Accommodation – wine cellars, guest houses, hotels, apartments, camps, cottages

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