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Plzeň and surroundings


Western Bohemia

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Plzeň is situated in the ethnographic area in the western Bohemia. The territory includes about 500 villages in Rokycansko, Horšovotýnsko, Plasko, Merklínsko and others. It is an agricultural region and we can find there a lot of folk architecture. There are buildings made of bricks as well as timber, usually covered with clay. Villages Božkov, Černice or Kotěrov are famous for their farms with impressive gates made in folk Baroque and classicist style. The highest peak is Palcíř (725 m above sea level).

District of Plzeň is a large and diverse area, which offers a wide range of possibilities to the visitors how to spend their free time. The area stretches from the basin of upper Berounka in the north to Šumava and Bohemian Forest in the south. There are plains with ponds and hills which lure cyclists or hikers. Everybody can choose here his/her own route, in all levels of demandingness, length and character. Ski resort Přimda is a perfect place for fans of winter sports. There are plenty of valuable and famous monuments. You can find them in cities such as Domažlice, Tachov, Klatovy, Horšovský Týn or Plzeň.

Berounka is the most significant river of the region, nearly the whole river is passable and it has become a popular place for boating. There is a boating educational path Berounka, which goes along the river from Zvíkovice to Hlásná Třebáň, it is 82 km long and there are 14 sites with info panels with interesting facts about the river, surrounding nature, geology, palaeontology and history. The river became famous thanks to a writer and passionate fisherman Ota Pavel who “met fish” here. The biggest city is Plzeň which is famous for its industry, Škoda cars are produce here, and a brewery, where popular beers such as Prazdroj and Gambrinus are brewed.

The region offers a wide range of accommodation (camps, hotels, apartments and guest houses) and active holidays. Typical meals can be found in many restaurants. Read more in our sections Last minute and News.

Places of interest in the region of Plzeň: Chodské folk festivities take place in Domažlice every year, the programme lasts three days and you can see there a parade of bagpipers, folk dancing, folk craft and others. In Trhanov there is a Baroque castle – symbol of oppression of the people in Chodsko. In Klatovy you can visit catacombs of Baroque church in the square. Other places of interest are for example Bohemian Forest, caste Rýzmberk, water castle Švihov, natural park Valcha, Tisovské ponds, ruins of castle Točník, Žinkovký castle and pond Labuť (Swan), Nepomuk, Horažďovice, Sušice, castle in Blatné, city Rokycany and surrounding natural parks, Konstantin's spa, Strakonický castle, Stříbro (Silver) – a former mining settlement.

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