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Pálava Mountains,Lednice-Valtice


South Moravia

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Lednicko-Valtický premises were declared a UNESCO sight in 1996 thanks to its exceptional cultural and historical importance. This region includes eight town districts (Břeclav, Podivín, Valtice, Bulhary, Hlohovec, Lanžhot, Lednice and Sedlec) with north border river Dyje, south border Pálava and border with Austria. The total area is about 290 km2. Lednicko-Valtický premises are a mixture of artificially formed landscape, agricultural area and noble, town and clerical architecture. There are sights and monuments representing all time periods, starting in Old Stone Age, Roman Empire and Great Moravia. We can recognise the influence of dynasty of Lichtenštejn from the 12th century. Around Valtice and Lednice there is an interesting complex of parks with wide range of romantic buildings and ponds which is one of the largest complexes in Europe.

Castle Lednice – representative summer mansion of dynasty Lichtenštejn; Baroque French park was rebuilt as English which turns to free landscape with river Dyje and many ponds with empiric pavilions, romantic ruins, imitations of ancient temples and other romantic buildings.

Valtice – centre of vineyards and one of the oldest towns in Moravia. You can enjoy here a castle with a natural park, classicist colonnade from the 19th century, which was supposed to celebrate the dynasty of Lichtenštejn. Near the park, there is an imitation of medieval knight residency Janohrad. The statue of three Gracies, made of one piece of stone, is a dominance situated northeast from the town and you can also visit a romantic building called Randezvous, Apollon's temple, chapel of St. Hubert and others.

You should also visit Lednický Palm greenhouse from the 19th century with a collection of tropical plant. Then you should visit Valtice wine markets, Mikulovský castle, Jewish cemetery in Mikulov and of course Pavlovské hills with tanks Nové Mlýny. CHKO (Protected area) Pálava is harmonious landscape with its dominant Pavlovské hills, we can find there well-preserved monuments of historical settlement.

Interesting places: educational path, ruins of medieval castles.

There is a complex of three dams under Pálava (Horní Mušovská, Střední Věstonická, Dolní Novomlýnská) on river Dyje. The landscape in central Europe was radically changed by water-management structures (construction of railway stations, narrowing rivers) which tried to prevent from the flood. The upper tank serves for irrigation and recreation, the middle tank is a nature reserve with artificial islands for birds (on one island there is Romanesque-Gothic church of St. Linhart, which is the only remnant from the flooded village Mušov. The lower tank serves for recreation, irrigation and production of electricity. Nové Mlýny serves for bathing, fishing, windsurfing and boat transport. The surrounding is suitable for hiking and cycling. Mušovská dam with resort Pasohlávky is a centre of recreation – new aqua park, Věstonická dam serves as nature reserve.

Lednicko-Valtický premises are attractive for lovers of active relaxation. There are a lot of marked paths, which you can use as a hiker of cyclist. So called Lichtenštejnské paths, which will take us to everything nice that Lichtenštejn dynasty left behind, are nearly 90 km long. Sportsmen will do it in one day, less efficient will do it in two days. Lednicko-Valtický premises are in the heart of wine region; that is why the accommodation is so romantic. Wine cellars, guest houses, hotels and private accommodation lure its visitors and wine lovers by its atmosphere of pleasant country accommodation. Wine cellar with degustation of delicious Moravian wine and romantic accommodation is offered everywhere. You will find more in Recommendation and News. Where on bike? Go along the 15-km-long cycle path around Lednické ponds.

Lednicko-Valtické premises offer accommodation in guest houses, hotels, camps, wine cellars and cottages.

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