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Moravsko – Slezsko, Ostravsko

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Moravsko – Slezský region is located in north-east Moravia. Its north part is created by state border with Poland, east part by Moravskoslezské Beskydy, south part slowly falls into fertile fields of central Moravia and west part passes to a mountain range of Hrubý and Nízký Jeseník.

The whole territory of Moravsko – Slezsko is created by several areas. Opavsko in the west, Ostravsko – Karvinsko in the middle, Těšínské Slezsko in the east and Moravian Gate with Oderské hills in the south. The area of Opavsko is located in height of about 250 m above sea level and it creates a historical part of Slezsko. The area of Ostravsko – Karvinsko is situated between Czech massif and Karpatské Mountains. In between there is Ostravská basin, where the largest bearings of coal used to be in our country. Oderské hills are a part of Nízký Jeseník. The highest hills are 700 m above sea level. The main ridge is located in the military premises Libavá with limited access. The majority of the area of Oderské hills is covered by large forests. There are riparian forests around the river Odra, which springs in the slopes of Fidlův hill (680 m above sea level).

Ostravsko is a region of coal, iron and steel. However, this region is very interesting thanks to the cultural clash of Moravia, Slezsko, Valašsko and Lašsko, where we can find various dialects as well as rich traditions which are supported by neighbouring Poland and Slovakia. In Beskydy, which is a centre of free-time activities, we still can find some nearly untouched places. In Ostravsko, which is marked by coal mining and heavy industry, we can also find unique industrial monuments which remind of coal mining tradition and steel production. When you visit this region, do not forget to visit Štramberská Trůba, Valašské open-air museum, cave Šipka and timbered houses in the mountains by significant Czech builders. In Ostrava visit complex of original industrial city with harmonious colony and church. You will find many attractions for the whole family in this region – ZOO, world of miniatures and Slezskoostravský castle. Ostrava is believed to be commercial and cultural centre of the region. We can find here large shopping centres, luxurious hotels, pleasant coffee places and theatres. Stodolní Street with plenty of bars and discos is characteristic for Ostrava as well as regular sports and cultural events such as festival Colours of Ostrava. Yet, cycle paths are very important for tourism. Accommodation is possible in luxurious hotels, simpler guest houses, cottages and camps. Everybody will choose. You will find possibilities for accommodation and various cultural events in our section Last minute and Recommendation!!

Accommodation in Ostravsko it means hotels, apartments, guest houses, cottages and camps.

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