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Moravian Karst


 South Moravia

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Moravian Karst is one of the most interesting places in the Czech Republic. There are a lot of marked tourist paths. Visitors are attracted mainly by karst caves with stalactites of various shapes and diverse landscape. You can also enjoy Moravian Karst from your bike. There are plenty of paths and cycle paths. Routes go through attractive places and they are suitable for recreational tourists. You will find accommodation everywhere – apartments, hotels, guest houses and private accommodation, you can also enjoy swimming pools, ponds and camps. Read through our section News and Last minute – Sale!! Moravian Karst is the largest and most developed karst area in the Czech Republic with a highest peak Helišova rock (610 m above sea level). CHKO (protected landscape area) Moravian Karst is situated in district Blansko, Brno-city and Brno-country district and its area is 92 km2. It includes a zone 25 km long and 3 – 6 km wide in limestone Drahanská highlands in the height of 260 – 610 m above sea level. There are deep canyons up to 150 m deep. There are 1000 registered caves including Amatérské caves, which is the largest cave system in the Czech Republic. North part of the protected area is a basin of river Punkva with its system of Punkevní caves, Macocha abyss and a valley of Pustý and Suchý Žleb. The middle part is created by a basin of Křtinská and Jedovnická river. The south part is created by a surrounding of river Říčka with a cave Pekárna and Ochozská cave.

Caves in Moravian Karst: Macocha gorge, Punkevní caves, cave Balcarka, Kateřinská cave, Sloupsko-šošůvské caves

Other interesting places in the region:

Blansko - museum with exposition of Moravian Karst and history of the town, former smelters Klamovka

Boskovice – urban conservation zone with preserved Jewish ghetto and synagogue, western town, chateau and ruins of castle

Velké Opatovice – town in so called Boskovice furrow from 1308

Letovice – town from 1145

Ostrov u Macochy – stone windmill

Castles Boskovice and Holštejn, chateaus Rájec – Jestřebí, Lysice, Boskovice, Kunštát, Mlýn Rudice, pilgrimage place Křtiny

Jedovnice – recreational area, Pustý Žleb – karst canyon, mill on the river Punkva – Sklaní Mlýn (Rocky Mill), Suchý – recreational area, lookout tower Veselice – Podvrší

Accommodation in Moravian Karst – camps, cottages, hotels, guest houses and others

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