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Mácha's region, Ralsko and Kokořínsko


North Bohemia

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Mácha's region is situated up to Český Dub in the east ant it stretches along the river Jizera to Mnichovo Hradiště, Bakov nad Jizerou and Mladá Boleslav. The south border is Kokořínsko, south-west border is river Liběchovka from Liběchov and west border is Úštěk and Verneřice. The northern border goes along river Ploučnice up to Osečná. The heart of Mácha's region is Litoměřice and Terezín and mainly Doksy with Mácha's lake (largest artificial water area – 278ha, was founded as a big pond by the emperor Charles IV in 1367) and Dubá, which is the starting point for beautiful natural areas Dubské Switzerland and Kokořínsko. Gothic castle Bezděz, ruins of Old Berštejn, castle Houska and Ralsko are typical for Mácha's region. In the territory of Mácha's region, there is CHKO České Středohoří (Protected Landscape Czech Central Mountains) and CHKO (Protected Landscape) Kokořínsko. The area of Ralsko is one of the most preserved natural areas in Liberec region. You can find excellent accommodation and swimming possibilities in Stráž pod Ralskem – Hamr na Jezeře. Mácha's region is also popular with cyclists. There are a lot of cycle paths and educational paths around. There is a magical atmosphere thanks to the local castles. Popular places here are castle Bezděz, castle Houska and Kokořín, sandstone castle Sloup and ruins of castle Ralsko.

Mácha's lake is mainly popular in summer. It is situated in the middle of woods and there are paths and cycle paths around. The most famous resorts are Doksy and Staré Splavy. There is a rich sport programme – tennis tournaments, tournaments in beach volleyball, yacht races or annual running race around Mácha's lake. In winter you can enjoy cross-country skiing or ice-skating on frozen Mácha's lake or other ponds.

The area of Českolipsko is among popular resorts thanks to its diverse landscape, which is very attractive for hikers, cyclists and fans of history. There are a lot of ponds – the most famous are Holanské ponds and Hamerský pond in a well-known resort Hamr na Jezeře. Great number of castles is the evidence of rich history of this region. It always used to be a seat of aristocracy.

The area of Kokořínsko will surprise its visitors by many touristic destinations and unique places with great history and natural beauty. There is a castle Kokořín above the rocky escarpment, which is famous for its inhabitant – well-known bandit Babinský. So called Kokořínský Důl is a very popular place with tourists. Accommodation in Mácha's region is very diverse. Every hotel, guest house, camp, apartment and cottage is interesting thanks to its services and prices. Especially in summer you will enjoy this region thanks to its warm weather.

Other places of interest: Vísecká rychta in Kravaře, Memorial to K. H. Mácha in Doksy, Museum of national history and geography and gallery in Česká Lípa, town museum Mšeno, swimming pool Panda Sport in Stráž pod Ralskem, boat transport on Mácha's lake, Litoměřice, Terezín and others.

Mácha's region, it is hotels, guest houses, and cottages, and of course camps mainly around Mácha's lake. Good quality and cheap accommodation!

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