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Křivoklátsko, Brdy


Central Bohemian Region, Plzeň region

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Křivoklátsko, Protected landscape area, is located in west part of Central Bohemian Region about 30 km far from Prague. There is a canyon valley of river Berounka in the middle of Křivoklátsko. The highest peak is Těchovín (616m above sea level) and the lowest point is Berounka in Hýskov (217m above sea level). Křivoklátsko has become a UNESCO reserve, later on it has also become a bird reserve within system Natura 2000. It stretches in the middle of the Czech Republic and nearly two thirds are covered by deciduous and mixed forests. There are more than 1800 kinds of plants, at least 52 kinds of scrubs, around 120 kinds of birds nest here and a lot of other animals -some of them are put on a red list of precious and endangered species. In areas of Křivoklátsko and Brdy, there are a lot of paths, cycle paths and horse-riding paths. Trips to castles Křivoklát, Točník and Žebrák, Krakovec, Týřov, monument Hamousův farm, Skryjská lakes and educational paths are very popular. River Berounka is popular with boating lovers and tramps, also climbers like this area. Boating educational path Berounka is very popular. Berounka is probably most famous thanks to a writer and passionate fisherman Ota Pavel.  A deep canyon, where river Berounka slowly flows with side valleys of central part Křivoklátsko, is a clear phenomenon of the Czech Republic. The possibility to float on the river in a canoe or a boat is unique experience for beginners at boating, families with children and for school groups. While you are on the boat you can enjoy natural places of interest, visit sights and monuments or explore the history and important celebrities of Křivoklátsko. You should visit paleontological museum, memorial to Joachim Barrand in Skryje, memorial hall to Ota Pavel, museum of motorbikes in Křivoklát, chateau Nižbor with unusual Celtic exposition and oppidum in Stradonice. In Zbečně you can visit folk sight Hamousův farm, where craft market takes place every July. When visiting chateau Nižbor you can explore local glass factory RÜCKL CRYSTAL. In Točník a historical battle and many other events take place every year. Castle Křivoklát offers two guided tours and historical event Křivoklání. In many villages there are celebrations of old Czech May, in some villages more interesting so called dry Mays (for example Kublov). Brdy are famous highlands in central Bohemia. They offer beautiful nature sceneries; they are suitable for hiking and cycling as well. Large part of Brdy is created by inaccessible military premises. We recommend you to visit peak Třemošná, pulpit in Plešivec, chateau Tři Trubky, ruins of castle Valdek. You can enjoy swimming in a dam Pilská, Hamr in Dobřív and Padrťský pond. Chateau in Dobříš, museum of gold Nový Knín, mining open-air museum Březové Hory and chateau in Mníšek pod Brdy are very popular too. These areas offer great possibilities of accommodation and free-time activities. You will find camps, guest houses, hotels and apartments everywhere as well as rental shops and various restaurants. Find more in our sections Last Minute and Recommendations.

Important places of Křivoklátsko, Brdy: castle Křivoklát, Beroun, Rakovník, Lány, Kounov, chateau Dobříš, museum Špýchar in Prostřední Lhota, memorial Vojna Lešetice, castle Valek, chateau in Mníšek pod Brdy, Pilská dam and their surroundings.

Křivoklátsko and Brdy offer modern accommodation in hotels, guest houses and apartments.

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