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Central Moravia – Haná

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Haná is a territory in central Moravia including areas of Malá Haná and Záhoří in a basin of river Morava and its tributaries. The core is Hornomoravský ravine, the axis river Morava from Mohelnice to Otrokovice and the centre is Olomouc.

Central Moravia is a fertile area with rich cultural and folk tradition. There are a lot of castles, chateaus, museums, churches and many others. Haná has specific folk customs, country architecture, dialect and costumes. It is believed to be the most distinctive region in Moravia. Villages in Haná are large and beautiful. Typical building is a farm called grunt, consisting of a house, outbuilding, shed and barn.

Flat Haná is a paradise for cyclists. There are plenty of well-marked cycle paths. System of paths for hikers and cyclists is that diverse that everybody will choose here. Lovers of boating will enjoy river Morava with other small rivers and riparian forests and meadows, which is a core area of CHKO (protected landscape area) Litovelské Pomoraví – and it offers 43 km of passable river. There is a rocky area Bradlo (600m), two rocky walls used by climbers near Uničov. Lovers of swimming and bathing will enjoy lake Poděbrady in Horka nad Moravou, natural swimming pool in Klopina, pool Litovel and Loštice, spa in Prostějv and Mohelnice, dam Mostkov, natural swimming pool Náměšť in Haná, swimming pool Olomouc, Plumlovská dam, swimming pool Uničov, Želechovice and others. You can choose from many possibilities of accommodation – camps, hotels, guest houses, cottages which are of good quality but also cheap.

Since 2001 Olomouc has been implementing a project Bezbariérová Olomouc, which gradually improves living conditions of physically disabled people and tourists.

Olomouc is the centre of tourism, after Prague, it is the second largest urban conservation zone, which could be used as a guide of architectonic styles thanks to its one thousand long tradition. In Olomouc you should visit ruins of bishop palace, church of st. Mořic, town hall, Renaissance houses in the square, Baroque churches and houses, Jesuit buildings, monastery Hradisko, Pilgrimage temple in Svatý kopeček, complex of museum of modern art, temple of St. Václav and villa Primaves.

Do not miss in Haná: Prostějov with its two town halls, medieval town walls, Gothic and Baroque churches, Renaissance chateau and modern architecture. Litovel with a dominant town hall and historic houses, Renaissance grammar school and ruins of fortification of river Morava, which flows directly through the city centre, which is nicknamed as “Hanácké Benátky” (Hanácké Venice), Příkazy – open-air museum of Hanácká folk architecture. Then visit town Mohelnice, Uničov, Lotice, Plumlov, Náměšť na Hané, Čechy pod Kosířem, Úsov, Kostelec na Hané, Kroměříž, Hulín, Přerov, Holešov and others.

Accommodation – we offer accommodation in modern hotels, guest houses and apartments.

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