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Bohemian Paradise


Královéhradecký and Liberecký region

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The area of Bohemian Paradise, with a lot of paths and cycle paths, has become the most popular touristic region in our country. Visitors come back thanks to the wide range of services – guest houses, hotels, apartments, cottages, camps, restaurant, info-centres and various sport and cultural centres (museums, galleries, castles, golf courses and others). Bohemian Paradise is not only a well-known touristic region it is mainly famous for mountaineering. We can hardly find any other region in the Czech Republic which would be that diverse and romantic, that is why it has become a symbol of Czech landscape.

Protected area Bohemian Paradise stretches in the region of Jičín, Mladá Boleslav and Semily and its area is 95 km2. We can find here important cultural historic sights – castles Trosky, Valdštejn, Kost and Hrubá Skála. Important features of Bohemian Paradise are rocky towns – Hruboskalsko, Prachovské rocks, Příhrazské rocks. Bohemian Paradise is extraordinary thanks to its scenic beauty, sandstone rocky towns, deep valleys, ponds, pine woods, and many historic al buildings of all kinds including folk architecture. The highest peak is Kozákov (744 m), then Tábor (678m) and Kopanina (657m). Other hills are not that high but some of them create important landmarks – they are Kumburk, Medenec, Trosky, Vyskeř and others. Most of these hills are also places with excellent views with a lookout tower in Kozákov, Kopanina and Tábor. Bohemian Paradise attracts its visitors thanks to its sandstone rocks which created rocky towns. The most popular are Prachovské rocks and Hruboskalské rocky town, Betlémské and Klokočovské rocks, Příhrazské rocks, Besedické rocks (Chléviště, Kalich), Drábovna at Malá Skála, rocks under Kozákov (Měsíční “Moon” valley, Drábovna) Borecké rocks and Apolena. There are sandstone walls and towers along some rivers. The most important river is Jizera, which springs under the peak of Smrk in the Polish side of Jizerské Mountains. River Cidlina is important for the region of Jičín. There is only one dam – Jahodnice (5.1 ha) at Úbislavice, used for recreational purposes. There is an interesting artificial peat lake on the western slope of Tábor. There are a lot of ponds – the biggest pond is recreational Komárovský at Branžež (54 ha), Žabakov at Žďár and Červenský at Dolní Bousov, popular ponds are Jinolické ponds. Other well-known ponds are in the middle of Bohemian Paradise Vidlák, Věžák and Nebák, near castle Trosky and Hrubá Skála. Bohemian Paradise is attractive for its combination of precious natural places with wide range of various monuments. It is possible to see Romanesque style on some churches (Mohelnice nad Jizerou, Vinec, Železnice) and monasteries (Hradiště nad Jizerou). There are also a lot of Gothic buildings. One of the most important castles is Kost, improtant ruins are Trosky, Frýdštejn, Valdštejn, Zvířetice, Michalovice, Kumburk, Bradlec, Zbirohy and Rotštejn. Bohemian Paradise is famous for its rocky castles Drábské světničky, Valečov, Pařez, Vranov (rocks, Chlum (Kozlov) and Drábovna at Malá Skála; castles Hrubá Skála, Hrubý Rohozec and Mladá Boleslav. Near the castle Hrubá Skála, there is mountaineering cemetery (cintorín), in memory of the expedition Huasquarán. Among important Gothic monuments there is town palace Templ and ruins of town walls in Mladá Boleslav, Jičín and ruins of townhouses. In the whole territory we can see timbered houses (Železný Brod, Lomnice nad Popelkou, Karlov, Sobotka, Železnice, Semily, Vesec u Sobotky, Mužský, Studeňany, Loukov, Střehom).

Important places in the region: Mladá Boleslav, Mnichovo Hradiště, Hrubá Skála, Turnov, Malá Skála, Trosky, Sobotka, Prachovské rocks, Jičín, Semily, Lomnice nad Popelkou, Nová Paka and surroundings.

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