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Brno and surroundings


South Moravia

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Brno, the second biggest city, stretches in the area of 230 km2 and it has 376 172 inhabitants. It is situated in Bobravské highland, Drahanská highland, Dyjsko-svratecký ravine, confluence of Svratka and Svitavy, where we can find Brněnská dam. There are two cycle paths of international importance in the city (CT1 and CT5) and its surrounding is full of other cycle paths.

Castle Špilberk is a dominant of the city and today we can find there a museum of Brno. The second dominant is church of St. Peter and Paul, which is known as Petrov as well as the hill where the church is situated. Originally, a town house with a Renaissance tower is Old Town hall form the 13th century with a well-known town symbol – crocodile (dragon of Brno) or bent tower. There is Moravian Provincial Museum in a Baroque building Ditrichštejnský palace. There is long theatre tradition in Brno. The oldest theatre building in Brno is Reduta in Zelený trh. The eminent architectonical buildings are National theatre, Mahenovo theatre and Janáčkovo theatre. However, there are many more theatres in Brno. The metropolis of south Moravia is a city of modern architecture. The most popular is national cultural sight vila Tugendhat, built in functionalist style, which is a UNESCO heritage. Brno has been a more industrial city, city of exhibitions and fairs for last two centuries. Brno has expanded and its suburbs joined the city. In Brno výstaviště (exhibition grounds) International exhibitions and fairs take place, Masaryk circuit is a place for motorbike races Grand Prix. Lovers of nature will find their place here – we can find here botanical garden, arboretum and ZOO.

You should visit:

Ivančice - a town with a historic centre, Jewish cemetery, memorial to local natives – painter A. Mucha and actor V. Menšík

Vyškov – ancient bishop town is situated in Vyškov Gate on the upper flow of river Haná

Castle Veveří – stands on a rocky spur above Brno dam, built in the 13th century and it has large Gothic fortification

Chateau Bučovice – established in 1567, quadrangular Renaissance building with three floors of arcades around courtyard, Halls with stuccoed decoration and frescos

Nové Zámky in Nesovice – noble mansion, stylish interiors, lookout tower

Chateau Oslavany – Renaissance chateau, it used to be a woman Cistercian convent

Castle Pernštejn - romantic castle, one of the most well-preserved European Gothic-renaissance forts, stylish interiors, halls of conspirators, tower of four seasons

Monastery Porta Coeli – a woman Cistercian convent from 1233. In translation “gate of heavens”, part of it is a church with unique sculptures of Christ and apostles

Chateau Slavkov – one of the best buildings of so called Podunajské Baroque in Moravia. Part of it is an exposition of Napoleon and battle at Slavkov with a wide range of original objects, collection of paintings in Kounicovská gallery

Castle Ronov – ruins of castle between Adamov and Útěchov

Monastery in Rajhrad – Benedictine monastery from the 11th century; baroquely rebuilt, library with precious first prints

Chateau in Rosice at Brno – Renaissance chateau with arcade courtyard

Lookout tower Babylon – stone lookout tower in Zelený kopec at Kramolín

Ochozská Cave – outflow cave

Cave Pekárna – tunnel cave 1.5 km southeast from Ochoz at Brno

Brno dam – it is on the river Svratka, about 8 km northwest from the city centre, recreational area

Dam Dalešice – recreational area, water sports

Dam Mohelno

Žuráň – place of Napoleon's lookout point

Mohelenská hadcova steppe – national nature reserve

Slavkov battle field – complex conservation area documenting the most famous Napoleon battle from the 2nd December, 1805; part of it is hillock Žuráň, top Santon at Tvarožné, Stará pošta (old post office) at Pozořice and Mound of peace, memorial to victims of the battle at Slavkov above village Prace

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