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Adršpach and Broumovsko


Královéhradecký region

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Touristic region Adršpach and Broumovsko is attractive for its beautiful landscape and it offers many touristic interesting places. Among the most interesting there are the biggest rocky towns in central Europe – Adršpašsko-teplické rocks, Broumovské rocks, city Broumov with great history, Teplice nad Metují, Police and Metují with a museum of kit Merkur, Nové Město nad Metují with a romantic castle, Náchodský castle, Hronov – town of A. Jirásk, Ratibořice and Babiččino údolí (Grandmother's Valley), dam Rozkoš and many others.

Adršpašsko-teplické rocks are a large rocky town in Broumov highland and it is situated about 15 km east from Trutnov in north-west part of Police highland in the territory of CHKO Broumovsko. The highest peak is Čáp (786 m). It is the largest complex of rocky towns in the Czech Republic, where there are a lot of sandstone rocky towers, gorges, narrow passages, “streets”, “squares” and rocky walls. The nature created various shapes in the sandstone rocks, people named these shapes (Lovers, Pitcher, Mayor and his wife and others). Rocky towns Adršpach and Teplické rocks are divided by Vlčí (Wolf) gorge, where there is river Metuje with a small lake in the upper part. Tourists visit this small lake and they use the boat there and they admire waterfalls, which are started up by the ferryman. Another lake, which is at the entrance to the rocky town, lures its visitor to have a rest there. Teplické rocks have more solid rocky formation and the dominants are Stážní věž (Lookout tower) and Skalní brána (Rocky gate). You can also enjoy the view from the ruins of castle Střmen from the 14th century. Both rocky towns have great system of marked paths, info panels and many resting places. The paths are not demanding and we can recommend them to everybody. The area is popular with climbers, who will find here various levels of difficulty.

Broumovsko stretches in diverse landscape between Orlické hory (Eagle Mountains) and Krkonoše (Giant Mountains). It is often called Broumovské mezihoří (between mountains), it includes two areas geomorphologically and climatically different, Polická upland and Broumovská basin, which are separated by the ridge of Broumovské walls. The landscape is very diverse with height of 360 – 881 m above sea level; the subsoil is mainly created by chalky rectangular sandstones. Thanks to the tectonic activity rocky towns were created – Adršpašsko-teplické rocks, Broumovské walls, table mountain Ostaš and flat basins.

Broumovské walls, national nature reserve in the region Náchod, part of CHKO Broumovsko include large rocky town with rocky labyrinths and gorges for example Zaječí and Kovářova, in rectangular sandstone Czech chalky basin, between Broumov and Police nad Metují. If you get tired by wandering in labyrinth, you can visit castle in Ratibořice, which is connected with Babička by B. Němcová. Or you can visit historical Broumov with a unique monastery or military fort Josefov near Jaroměř. In summer you can relax at dam Rozkoš. There are a lot of possibilities for accommodation in this area (hotels, guest houses, camps and apartments).

In the region you can also visit castles, chateaus and monasteries, for example Adršpach-ruins, Broumov-monastery, Červená hora-ruins, Česká skalice-monastery and stronghold, Náchod-castle, Police nad Metují-monastery, Ratibořice-castle and ruins of Rýzmburk, Skály, Střmen, Vízmburk and Vlčinec. You will find museums, galleries and folk architecture in Broumov – museum of Broumovsko, Červený Kostelec – house of Božena Němcová, Česká Skalice – museum of Božena němcová, MBN – grounds of Barunka's school, Grandmother's Valley, Hronov-Jirásek's museum, Malé Svatoňovice – museum of Čapek's brothers, Náchod – museum, Police nad Metují – town museum, monastery, Rtyně v Podkrkonoší – town museum, Odolov – Hospoda (pub) U Lotranda, Úpice – museum, Velké Svatoňovice – firefighter museum. Lookout towers – Ruprechtický Špičák, Žaltman. Caves in Adršpašské rocks, Broumovské walls, Teplické rocks, Ostaš and Kočičí rocks. Rocky towns of Adršpašské and Teplické rocks; swimming pools – Batňovice, Červený Kostelec, Česká Skalice, Havlovice, Horní Adršpach, Hronov, Chvaleč, Jívka, Malé Svatoňovice, Meziměstí, Náchod, Petříkovice, Police nad Metují, Teplice nad Metují, Úpice – Radeč and Zábrodí. For boaters there are rivers Úpa and Metuje.

Other interesting places in Adršpach and Broumovsko: Běloves – healing springs, Bělý – timbered houses, Bernartice – church of St. Mary, Bezděkov nad Metují – church of St. Prokop, bricked and timbered houses, Bohuslavice nad Úpou – starting point to Čížkovy stones, Bor – viewpoint, Boušín – cottages, Božanov – chapel, Božanovský Špičák – the highest peak of Broumovské walls, Brodský pond - camp, Broumov – town, Březová – starting point to Broumovské walls, Bučnice – recreational village, Road of Alois Jirásek – touristic arterial road from Broumov to Orlické hory, Road of Božena Němcová, Road of Čapek's brothers, Červený Kostelec – town, pond Brodský and Špinka, Česká Metuje – peace cross, Čížek's stones – rocky area, Dědov – cottages and starting point to Ostaš, Dolní Adršpach – trips, Havlovice – belfry, wooden bridge over Úpa, peace stone, Hejda – rocky labyrinth, Hejtmánovice – complex of brick farms of Broumovský type, Heřmánkovice – cottages, Hlavňov – cottages, Homole – ruins, Honský Špičák – lookout point, Horní Adršpach – church of St. Cross, Horní Dřevíč – mariánský column, Horní Rybníky – pub Čertovina, Horní Vernéřovice – folk architecture, Hronov – birthplace of A. Jirásek, Hvězda – trips, Janovičky – recreational settlement, ski area, Javor, houses, Javorový vrch – the end point of valley Stěnava, Javoří mountains – Ruprechtický ridge and Šonovský ridge, Jetřichov, statues, Jindra – pond, Jívka – old mine, now for swimming (Kuprovka), Kočičí rocks – nature monument, Machov – camp and skiing, Malé Svatoňovice – village, Maternice – Skalákova well, Meziměstí – castle, Náchod – town, Odolov – starting point to Jestřebí mountains, Olešnice – starting point to ponds Špinka and Bodský, Otovice – village, Petrovice – fair on the 6th January, Petříkovice – skiing, Police nad Metují – town, Přední Hory – settlement, skiing, Rozkoš – dam, Rožmitál, village, Rtyně v Podkrkonoší – town with mining history, Ruprechtice – starting point to ridge of Javoří mountains, Slatina and Úpou – timbered houses, Slavný – village, rocky formations, Starkoč – starting point to Grandmother's Valley, Studená Voda – trips, Suchý Důl – village, Teplice nad Metují – town, Úpice – town, Velké Poříčí – folk architecture, Žďár nad Metují – starting point to Ostaš.

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